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SATPRO helicopter satcom system participated in the disposal of Yunnan Dali forest fire

2019-02-15 / Number of views:903

During the Spring Festival in 2019, two forest fires have occurred in Dali prefecture, yunnan province. One of them occurred at 18:00 on February 7, at luoping mountain, fengyu town, eryuan county. After 9 hours of continuous fighting, the Dali prefecture forest fire brigade put out all the open fires at 11:00 on February 8.

Then at 13:25 on February 9, a fire broke out at the back hill (xiaopingdi) of wenbi village committee, haidong town, Dali city. Dali city forest fire command quickly organized rescue work after the fire broke out. Through the adoption of line disposal, direct fighting, ground and air joint and other measures, after 1505 professional fighting personnel nearly 34 hours of full fighting, open fire is all put out at 22:45 on February 10, the initial confirmation of the fire area is 950 mu(63hactares).

In case of fire, the satcom forest fire early-warning helicopter developed by SATPRO M&C transmitted the high-definition scene back to the command center in real time, which provided an important guarantee for fire command and disaster disposal.

The SATPRO airborne satellite system developed by SATPRO M&C is installed in the upper left part of the cockpit of the early-warning helicopter. It is equipped with a white shockproof radome made of wave-transmitting material, which is integrated and coordinated with the helicopter body.

The whole system consists of a Ku band airborne antenna, a 40W airborne BUC and a high-precision inertial measurement unit, and there is a control unit and a helicopter dedicated modem equipment in the helicopter‘s internal equipment cabin. Through the high coordination of this system, the problem of helicopter rotor blocking is effectively solved, and the communication antenna can be accurately point to the geo orbit satellite in any attitude of the helicopter, so as to keep the communication data unblocked.

In addition, SATPRO also provides installation design solutions for different helicopters, which do not need to change the original helicopter body structure, so as to protect the integrity of the helicopter appearance and ensure the strength of the supporting structure.

SATPRO helicopter Ku band airborne satellite system has passed the airworthiness certification of China general aviation, and it is lucky to become the first domestic equipment manufacturer to pass this certification. In addition, the system has received orders from southeast Asia, Russia and other regions around the world, looking forward to a better performance in the international market.

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