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Satpro’s airborne satellite antenna has assisted China‘s first high-speed satellite Internet aircraft to make its maiden flight

2020-07-08 / Number of views:1139

  On July 7, China’s first high-speed satellite Internet aircraft, Qingdao Airlines Flight QW9771, completed its maiden flight. At 16:46pm, Qingdao Airlines flight QW9771 took off from Qingdao Liuting International Airport and landed at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport at 19:21 pm.

  This first flight was jointly conducted by Satpro and FTS, using China Satcom’s Chinasat 16 high-throughput satellites to bring you a new experience of aviation journey. The airborne satellite antenna system is provided by Satpro.

  Unlike Internet aircraft using traditional Ku-band satellites, the high-speed interconnection system adapted for this flight is based on Chinasat 16 which is China’s first and only Ka-band high-throughput satellite. The aircraft can connect to the Internet at a high speed of more than 100 megabytes in the air of 10,000 meters, bringing passengers the same Internet surfing experience as the Internet on the ground. During the level flight phase, passengers on board can use their personal mobile phones to connect to the Internet over the air for a stable in-flight entertainment experience.

  The success made by this maiden voyage is of great significance: First, the airborne satellite antenna system which is the most critical component of airborne satellite broadband communications has been approved in China, making a milestone for domestic avionics.  Second is the high-throughput satellite proposal, which finally "breaks through the fog" and lives up to expectations. It has achieved a super-high experience on civil aircraft, heralding the arrival of high-throughput era in airborne industry.

  This flight also carried out the first live broadcast in domestic civil aviation. Through the video connection between the aircraft and the live broadcast room on the ground, the aerial images can be shared in real time. At the same time, digital solutions for high-speed satellite Internet aircraft can further build an aerial Internet ecosystem including mobile terminal aerial content entertainment, air travel services, aerial e-commerce new retail, etc.

In the future,Surfing on mobilephone during flight,

office entertainment will not be a dream!

SATPRO will continue its efforts to

Realize the digitization of civil aircraft cabin!

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