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The successful launch of APSTAR-6D opens a new era of Ku high-throughput satellite communications!

2020-07-10 / Number of views:1460

At 20:11:04 PM on the evening of July 9, the APSTAR-6D satellite was launched aboard the CZ-3B F69 carrier rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. After about 25 minutes of flight, the APSTAR-6D satellite was accurately sent into the geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO), the satellite and carrier was separated normally, and the solar panels were deployed normally at one time. In the next few days, the satellite will complete multiple orbit changes, and perform the second deployment of solar windsurfing, antenna deployment and on-orbit testing, and finally locate the service orbit at 134°E.

Asia-Pacific 6D satellite is the first satellite of APSATCOM‘s global high-throughput broadband satellite communication system which is designed and manufactured by APSATCOM and its shareholder Asia-Pacific Communications Satellite Co., Ltd., and developed by China Academy of Space Technology. The satellite is China‘s first geosynchronous orbit high-throughput satellite using the Ku/Ka system, and the first satellite which fully deployed on the Dongfanghong-4 enhanced platform. It is also the world‘s first high-throughput satellite customized for satellite mobile communications services. The design life of the satellite is 15 years, with a total of 34 routes Ku-band forward transponders and 10 routes Ka-band backward transponders. Signals are fully covered in the satellite‘s visible range, including China, Russia, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, China‘s four seas, the Eastern Indian Ocean, the Western Pacific Ocean and a wide range of land and sea areas. The satellite is equipped with 90 Ku user beams, 8 Ka feed beams, satellite communication capacity of 50 Gbps, and single beam capacity can reach up to 1 Gbps or above. It can provide 100-megabit bandwidth access service for civil aviation aircraft, and gigabit bandwidth for maritime ships. Access services can effectively meet the needs of high-speed Internet access, digital transformation, and high-quality development for aircraft, ships, and remote areas in the Asia-Pacific region.

SATPRO, as an international advanced VSAT manufacturer, has developed high-throughput Ka and Ku VSATs for vehicles, ships and aircrafts and will continue to make efforts in this, helping open a new era of Ku high-throughput satellite communications!

During the launch, as the provider of Asia-Pacific 6D baseband system, Mr. Han Lei, Chairman and General Manager of Satpro M&C TECH CO.,LTD witnessed this exciting moment at the  site.

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