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Satpro‘s Airborne Satellite Communications System Supporting Xichang Fire Front Line

2020-04-01 / Number of views:125

3.30ForestFirein Xichang City, Liangshan ,Sichuan Province has caused over 1,000 hectares of fire, 19 fire fighters were killed and 3 were injured, causing great losses to people‘s lives and properties. General Secretary Xi Jinping attached great importance to this and required the Sichuan Provincial Government to immediately mobilize its superior strength to fully organize fire fighting under the premise of safety of fire fighters and strictly prevent secondary disasters.


Under the leadership of Department of Emergency Management of Sichuan Province, SATPRO immediately entered into combat-ready condition, and brought its Airborne Satellite Communications System to the front line at once, implemented dynamic fire field reconnaissance together with AP Satcom,which provided decision support for on-site command.


  Airborne Satellite Communications System


  Real-time image of fire (10:40 ,Apr 1st , 2020)


  Real-time image of fire (12:21 , Apr 1st , 2020)

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