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One arrow three stars lift off, long two Ding rocket seven battles and seven victory

2020-09-04 / Number of views:844

China News Service, August 23 (Zheng Yingying, Guo Chaokai) The Long March 2D carrier rocket (hereinafter referred to as the Changer Ding rocket) ignited at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on the 23rd and successfully carried Gaofen-9 05 and two satellites. The star is sent into a predetermined orbit. This is the seventh launch of the Changerding rocket this year.

The Changer Ding rocket is a normal temperature liquid two-stage launch vehicle developed by the Eighth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Limited. It has a take-off thrust of about 300 tons and a carrying capacity of 1.2 tons corresponding to a 700-km sun-synchronous circular orbit. Single-satellite and multi-satellite launch capabilities.

According to reports, during this launch, the rocket faces the challenge of the summer high temperature environment: some rocket products or ground test equipment, especially precision equipment, have higher requirements for environmental protection temperature. The model team has sorted out product guarantee requirements and response measures one by one. For example, the Changerding rocket has comprehensive heat preservation measures for all rockets, especially for the satellite fairing, which provides a series of heat preservation services, which can keep the satellite in the most comfortable temperature and humidity range.

Chang Erding Rockets seven battles and seven victories. Photo by Wang Qijun

Since May 2020, the Changerding Rocket has performed five consecutive rocket launch missions. The Changerding rocket set a record of five battles and five wins in 60 days, four rounds in 40 days, and two consecutive launches on the same ground in 30 days.

As early as 2017, the model has undergone technological innovation and upgrading in terms of hardware miniaturization, automation, intelligence, and high reliability. At the same time, the management process is continuously optimized and the staffing is effectively streamlined. In 2021, the Changer Ding rocket will also fully implement the image measurement system, and the observation of the rocket flight section will be more intuitive.

The main star of this launch is the Gaofen-9 05 star, which is mainly used in the fields of national land survey, urban planning, crop evaluation, and disaster prevention and mitigation.

This launch is the 51st launch of the Chang Erding rocket and the 343rd launch of the Long March series of carrier rockets. (Finish)

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